About the Center for Visual Science

aerial photo of the campus at night

Welcome to the Center for Visual Science (CVS) at the University of Rochester. CVS was founded in 1963 by Robert M. Boynton to bring together scientists from a variety of disciplines with the common goal of pursuing excellence in vision research. CVS consists of over 35 research laboratories that include faculty from the departments of:

These laboratories represent a diverse range of studies that span the development of the visual system to the interaction between visual perception and memory. Our investigators employ an equally diverse set of approaches, from molecular genetics and cellular biology to neurophysiology and psychophysics. The majority of CVS members also belong to the Rochester Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience. We invite you to learn more about the laboratories, people and facilities that make CVS a vibrant and exciting scientific community. The Center for Visual Science is affiliated with a number of collaborative research efforts both within and outside the university. These include:

CVS Executive Committee members David Williams, Greg DeAngelis, Duje Tadin, Tania Pasternak, Geunyoung Yoon, Bill Merigan, Jennifer Hunter, Ania Majewska, Krystel Huxlin, Jude Mitchell