Talk Series Abstracts 2000

September 11: Stan Klein

Modeling the modelfest data

Informal Talk

September 15: Stephane Rainville

Symmetry perception integrates about ten nuggets of information - implications for scale selection and spatial correspondence

CVS Research Meeting

September 22: Peter Bex

Narrow-band local and broadband global selectivity for visual motion perception

October 16: Davida Teller, University of Washington

Motion photometry across the ages: are infants just little adults?

October 18: Antonio Guirao-Pinera, Geunyoung Yoon, Heidi Hofer

Three practice talks for the OSA meetings

October 30: Lizabeth M. Romanski, UR Neurobiology/Anatomy

Auditory-visual convergence in the primate prefrontal cortex

November 17: Jason Droll

Delay activity in area MT neurons during a visual working memory task

November 20

Neuroscience Post-mortem, A special CVS research meeting to discuss the recent neuroscience meeting

December 8: Jason Porter

The prospects for enhancing vision with laser refractive surgery

December 11: Sacha Nelson

Synaptic dynamics and cortical computation

CVS Colloquium