2016 Walt and Bobbi Makous Prize Awardee

April 29, 2016

This year's recipient of the 2016 Walt and Bobbi Makous Prize:

  • Emily Prentiss, a Brain & Cognitive Sciences major in Dr. Brad Mahon's laboratory

Emily will receive an award certificate (and check for $1800) at a College-wide award ceremony on May 14.

Below are descriptions of her research and other accomplishments.

Emily Prentiss

Emily PrentissEmily Prentiss is a Brain & Cognitive Sciences Major with a minor in Clinical Psychology. She is interested in studying how sensory information informs everyday activities. Currently, as a Research Assistant in the Concept, Actions, and Objects (CAOs) Lab with Dr. Brad Mahon, she is working on a project studying the role of different visual pathways using behavioral measures. She is conducting this experiment in healthy individuals and in patients who have suffered phenomenal vision loss as the result of a stroke (blindsight). As a result of this research, she completed an honors thesis, “The Role of the Parvocellular System in Fast Visuomotor Updating.”

Emily has been involved in research at the University of Rochester since her Sophomore year. Prior to working in the CAOs Lab, she was a research assistant for Professor David Knill in the Center for Visual Science from 2013 to 2014, assisting with data collection for a variety of behavioral experiments focusing on visual working memory and motor planning.

Beginning in June, Emily will be joining the CAOs lab as a full-time research assistant. She is excited to expand on current projects, explore new research techniques, and develop her research interests. In the future, she hopes to pursue a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. Emily is honored to receive the Makous Prize, and is very thankful that she gets to further her research experience at Rochester!