Former Postdocs & Research Associates, 1990-Present

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Current Position

Ebrahim Aboualizadeh
Emmanuel Alabi
Project Scientist, Booz Allen Research
Aixa Alarcon-Heredia
Daeyeol Lee
Chief, Section on Learning and Decision Making (SLDM), NIMH
Senior Postdoc, University of California San Diego
Daeyeol Lee
Research and development scientist, Quality Vision International
Alex Pouget
Assistant Professor, Hamilton College
Steven Bello
Gary Paige
Avi Ben-Simon
Tania Pasternak
Walt Makous
Professor, Northeastern University
Tania Pasternak
Professor, Brain Research Institute, UCLA
Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Jens Bühren
Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute
Bing Chen
Walt Makous
Principal Scientist, Johnson & Johnson Vision
Principal Optical Scientist at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
Advanced Technology Program Manager, Cylite
Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
Scientist, Allergan PLC
Tjeerd Dijkstra
David Knill
Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
Alex Pouget
HPC Manager, The Scripps Research Institute
Atanu Ghosh
Gary Paige
Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Professor, University of Murcia
Professor, Umea University
Researcher, University of Oxford
Postdoctoral Fellow, New York University
David Knill
Software Engineer, Google
David Calkins
Bill Merigan
Tania Pasternak
Professor, University of Rochester
Freelance writer
Senior Scientist, Czech Academy of Sciences
Dick Aslin
Professor, UCLA
Staff Scientist, University of Rochester
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Soyoun Kim
Daeyeol Lee
David Knill
Duje Tadin
Assistant Professor, Ulsan National Inst. of Science & Technology
Tania Pasternak
Director of Institutional Research, Nazareth College
Founder and CEO, Krypton Vision, Inc.
Zheng Liu
Alex Pouget
Associate Professor, New York University
Mary Manglapus
David Calkins
Associate Professor, Kennesaw State University
Senior Optical Engineer, Optikos Corporation
Professor, Niigata University of Health and Welfare
Dick Aslin
Faculty, University of Guelph
Mary Hayhoe
Assistant Professor, The University of Nottingham
Andrew Metha
Peter Lennie
Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
Walt Makous
Tutor, Avi Naiman Tutoring
Tomokazu Oshiro
Research Scientist, University of Washington
Charlie Duffy
Research Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Duje Tadin
Louisa Bennetto
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington Seattle
Bethany Plakke Anderson
Marjena Popovic
Associate Professor, University of Houston
Ed Freedman
Research Associate, University of Alabama Birmingham
Walt Makous
Senior Consultant, VizirLabs
Ping Ren
Tania Pasternak
Assistant Director Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, IRB Operations, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Professor, UC Berkeley
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Assistant Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center
Assistant Professor, D'Youville College
Research Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology / Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Biological Structure, University of Washington
Assistant Professor, National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Ryo Sasaki
David Knill
Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong
Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Gary Paige
Professor, University of Rochester
Daeyeol Lee
Assistant Professor, Yale University
Optical Scientist, Facebook Reality Labs
Mary Hayhoe
Data Scientist, CaaStle
David Knill
Assistant Professor, RPI
Peter Lennie
David Williams
Director of Scientific Computing, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Ben Hayden
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cornell University
Hongxin Song
Mina Chung
Assistant Professor, Indiana University School of Optometry
Laura Telford
Gary Paige
Charles Duffy
Bioinformatics Analyst, VA WNY Medical Center
Assistant Professor, Universite Leval
Dana Ballard
Professor, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Founder/President, Coherent Data Engines, Inc.
Denise Varner
Walt Makous
Daphne Bavelier
Senior Clinical Development Medical Affairs Project Lead at Alcon, A Novartis Division
Sarah Walters
Dick Aslin
Assistant Professor, University of California Riverside
Alexander Wyss
Rahul Yadav
Associate Professor, Yamagata University
Jian Yang
Walt Makous
Jake Yates
Lu Yin
Young-Sik Yoo
Professor, University of Rochester
Mary Hayhoe
Professor, Stony Brook University
Jie Zhang
VP Vision Science at Clerio Vision, Inc.
Dick Aslin
Rajeev Raizada
Research Associate, University of Delaware/Princeton Baby Lab
Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin
Wei Zuo
Jim Ringo
Iwona Zurawska
Tania Pasternak
Faculty, University of Poznan, Poland