Teresa Williams

Secretary III
Center for Visual Science

MC G-4110
RC Box  Box 270270,  Rochester, NY  14627
(585) 275-8663 Voice
(585) 271-3043 Fax

Job Description

I buy the supplies and equipment needed for our research. Interact with Purchasing, contracted vendors, University departments and other service providers. Buying also includes database entry of purchases into the accounting system and filing hard copy orders by account numbers. Equipment purchases may require extra steps, competing bids, vendor and/or grant justification. Sometimes I can advise students or faculty on which vendors have better products, prices or delivery. I monitor the department's PCard electronic statement, inserting the internal account numbers and descriptions for all purchases.

I keep track of spare furniture and general purpose equipment belonging to the department. I keep on hand the office supplies and a small stock of basic lab supplies: batteries, glue, solvents, lubricants, duster spray, blades, black cloth, black cardboard and tape, discs, impression compound, also kitchen supplies; basic salt/pepper/coffee/tea/sugar/creamer and paper towels and cleaning materials.

I have some clue about who fixes what, whether problems with our building or with scientific equipment which may need to be returned for repairs or calibration.