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If you are interested in working at the Center for Visual Science, please see the list of open positions below. You must contact the person(s) you are interested in working with directly.


None at this time.


Added 03/20/2018

Optical Engineering Position, Advanced Technology for Retinal Imaging: A position is available to work with a collaborative team of vision scientists investigating the normal and diseased eye who share a number of custom-built adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscopes for high resolution retinal imaging. Participating investigators include Jennifer Hunter, William Merigan, Jesse Schallek, and David Williams. The successful applicant will be responsible for maintaining and operating existing instruments, designing and fabricating new subsystems to enhance these instruments, as well as designing and fabricating new optical instrumentation for vision research. In addition, the applicant will be responsible for performing imaging experiments and for training new undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and CVS faculty to use AOSLOs.

The successful applicant will have had hands-on experience with the design, construction, and alignment of complex optical instrumentation. Experience in the field of ophthalmoscopy is not necessary. MS or PhD in Optical Engineering preferred.

Rochester is an exciting place to pursue a career in biomedical optics, with The Institute of Optics, the Center for Visual Science, and the Flaum Eye Institute here at the University, as well as local companies with expertise in optics and imaging. For additional information see the Center for Visual Science and the Advanced Retinal Imaging Alliance websites.

Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae and names of three references to dshannon@ur.rochester.edu

The University of Rochester is an equal opportunity employer.

Added 03/13/2018

Center for Visual Science and the Flaum Eye Institute Lab Tech IV Opening in the Schallek Laboratory: The primary duty of the laboratory technician is to care for and maintain a rodent breeding colony with proficiency in phenotyping or genotyping animals. Additional duties also include assisting with surgical procedures, order placing/tracking orders, maintaining laboratory protocols and records and live animal imaging approaches. Additional training may be provided for ophthalmic imaging, though previous experience in this field is considered a benefit.

Good record keeping and organization, familiarity with Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Word, Excel), and strong interpersonal communication with diverse groups of individuals are essential skills for this position. Educational or work-related background in neuroscience or the biomedical sciences is preferred.

Additional preferred skills that are recommended (but not required):

Candidates with prior experience with ophthalmic imaging are strongly encouraged to apply. Background in tissue histology is also considered a strong benefit. Experience with operating computing software such as Matlab and Adobe Photoshop is also highly preferable, though not required.



To apply, please send your resume/CV to Debbie Shannon Dshannon@ur.rochester.edu

Added 03/13/2018

CVS Imaging Core Lab Manager: Duties include:

Managing the CVS Core Histology lab

Research: Assist users with researching, designing and optimizing experimental protocols. This may include, but is not limited to, histology, microscopy and making stock solutions for experiments.

Training of Principal Investigators, their students and staff in histology and microscopy techniques.

Histology: Prepare all fixative solutions, maintain instruments and communicate with Principal Investigators in the planning and execution of scheduled histology needs.

Microscopy: Manage the core microscope and imaging system, including regular re-calibration of equipment, repair when needed and instruction of users in its proper use.

The CVS Imaging Core Lab Manager will be expected to participate in research approved by the University Committee on Animal Resources.

To apply, please send your resume/CV to Debbie Shannon Dshannon@ur.rochester.edu

Added 12/18/2017

Full time technician/Programmer positions in Active Vision: Two positions are available in the Active Perception Laboratory of Prof. Michele Rucci and Martina Poletti at the University of Rochester to help with the development of experimental systems to study the impact of eye movements on visual perception.

Research in the laboratory relies on the integration of a variety of techniques, including testing of human vision with highly controlled retinal stimulation, computational modeling of the visual system, and analysis of the retinal input signals caused by normal and abnormal oculomotor activity. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art tools for high-resolution recording of head and eye movements, EEG recordings, and for precisely manipulating the stimuli on the retinas during motor behavior. A list of our publications can be found on the lab web site.

Major responsibilities for these positions will include: (a) helping with the development of real-time software for manipulating visual stimuli contingent with head and eye movements in experiments with human subjects; (b) contributing to the development of virtual reality systems with integrated eye-tracking technology; and (c) helping with the refinement of two new types of eye-trackers currently at a prototype stage in the laboratory.

The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated individual with a computational and/or engineering background. Knowledge of C/C++ and the use of Matlab are required. Previous experience with signal processing and OpenGL is desirable, as is previous exposure with real-time systems and optics. Ability to work well in a team is essential, as well as the capability to work independently when needed. Position is for a minimum 1 year duration.

Please send curriculum vitae, brief statement of research interests and accomplishments, and names of two references to Professors Michele Rucci and Martina Poletti, mrucci@ur.rochester.edu and martina_poletti@urmc.rochester.edu

Updated 03/05/2018

Programmer/Analyst Jr. – CVS core grant: The Center for Visual Science is seeking a programmer to develop software for vision research aimed at studying visual information processing in the eye and brain. An ideal candidate would have familiarity with both Macintosh and PC operating systems and the programming skills listed below. The programmer will work with several researchers interested in optical instrumentation with real time data/image processing, biomedical imaging and brain imaging. A successful candidate could be a recent graduate with an undergraduate degree in computer science, engineering or mathematics. Preference will be given to candidates with 1-3 years of working experience who are comfortable working in a vigorous, fast-paced and exciting research environment.

Preferred programming skills

To apply, send your Resume/CV and 3 letters of recommendation to Debbie Shannon at debbie@cvs.rochester.edu.


No positions currently available.

Postdocs & Research Associates

Updated 03/05/2018

Postdoctoral position in retinal blood flow imaging: A postdoc position is available in the Jesse Schallek Lab at the University of Rochester. The research position will deploy advances in adaptive optics to study capillary blood flow and hemodynamic regulation in the living retina. By imaging single blood cells in the living eye, our research seeks to better understand the impact of diabetes on the smallest vessels of the retina. Research will be conducted in human subjects with additional opportunities to explore animal models of disease. Work will be conducted in collaboration with the Advanced Retinal Imaging Alliance of the University of Rochester. This group includes the collaborative research efforts of David Williams, Bill Merigan, Jennifer Hunter, Mina Chung and Jesse Schallek. The postdoctoral trainee will benefit from interacting with this highly collaborative group toward novel ophthalmic imaging design and study of retinal function.

Applicants with exemplary background in retinal imaging or study of blood flow control in living tissues are strongly encouraged to apply. Outstanding applicants will have training in one or more of the following fields: retinal imaging technology (including OCT and adaptive optics), study of diabetic retinopathy, study of microvascular disease (in other tissues).

Applicants should have a PhD, MD or equivalent training. Senior graduate students nearing completion of their degree are strongly encouraged to apply. Opening is available immediately and position will remain open until qualified individual is identified. Appointment is for 1 year and may be extended up to 3 years depending on progress and review.

Interested applicants should send CV and names/contact information of three references to dshannon@ur.rochester.edu. Please include a cover letter detailing your current research activities, expertise and the reasons for your interest in the position.

More information about research projects in the lab can be found at: http://aria.cvs.rochester.edu/our_work/blood_flow.html

Postdoctoral Position: The Center for Visual Science (CVS) at the University of Rochester is seeking applicants for a post-doctoral training fellowship in visual science. CVS is an interdisciplinary center that brings together faculty from cognitive science, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, optics and computer science who are interested in a wide range of topics within vision science. The Center has broad areas of strength in computational modeling, psychophysics, neurophysiology and brain imaging. Faculty apply these approaches to topics including physiological optics, visual coding (e.g. of visual motion), 3D perception, the visual control of motor behavior and complex actions, visual attention, learning and memory, and visual development. Faculty and postdocs have access to numerous state-of-the-art technical resources including adaptive optics systems for correcting optical aberrations and imaging the human retina, several virtual reality systems, facilities for physiological recording in awake, behaving animals and a new 3-Tesla magnet devoted to fMRI research in brain and cognitive sciences. Interested applicants can find more information about CVS at http://www.cvs.rochester.edu. Applicants should include a CV, a statement of research interests and three letters of recommendation. The successful candidate will work with the selection committee to select an appropriate faculty mentor. Candidates are encouraged to contact faculty with whom they are interested in working to help prepare their application.

Contact Debbie Shannon
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