Vision Research in the USA

4th Symposium: June 9-10, 1967

Research in health-oriented institutions or laboratories—R. M. Boynton, Chairman

Jay M. Enoch, Washington University School of Medicine, Research at the Washington University School of Medicine

L. D. Massopust & L. R. Wolin, Psychiatric Research Foundation of Cleveland, An overview of basic vision research at the Cleveland Psychiatric Institute

Alden Haffner, Optometric Center of New York, Research at the Optometric Center of New York

Glenn A. Fry, Ohio State University, Research in progress at the Ohio State University School of Optometry

A. Jampolski, Smith-Kettlewell Institute of Visual Sciences, Organization of human visual investigations in a medical center

Wm. W. Dawson, University of Florida, A multidisciplinary approach to the study of central visual processes

Organization of basic vision research in a sample of US universities—C. H. Graham, Chairman

L. Hurvich & D. Jameson, University of Pennsylvania, Vision research at the University of Pennsylvania

L. A. Riggs, Brown University, Research in vision at Brown University

J. J. Wolken, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Vision research in the Biophysical Research Laboratory of Carnegie Institute of Technology

F. A. Young, Washington State University, Visual research in the State of Washington

R. M. Boynton, University of Rochester, Organization of vision research at the University of Rochester

Coordinated programs of basic and applied research—J. M. Enoch, Chairman

H. R. Blackwell, Ohio State University, The Institute for Research in Vision at the Ohio State University

Bela Julesz, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Computers in visual research

J. L. Brown, Kansas State University, Vision research in military labs

John Taylor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Aerospace and hydrospace vision--some research problems at the Visibility Laboratory

JoAnn Kinney, US Submarine Medical Center

Some "cross-section" viewpoints and problems—H. R. Blackwell, Chairman

K. Ogle, Mayo Clinic, Research in binocular vision in the USA

Angela Little, University of California, Berkeley, Application of fundamental findings in vision research to the solution of practical problems in color measurement and specifications

A. Troelstra & L. Stark, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Vision research in biomedical engineering programs

Organizing Committee:
H. Richard Blackwell
Robert M. Boynton
M. A. Whitcomb