Mechanisms of Vertebrate Vision

5th Symposium: June 12-14, 1969

Receptor mechanisms I—Robert Doty, Chairman

Tsuneo Tomita, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, Light-induced potential and conductance changes in vertebrate photoreceptors

Thomas G. Smith, Jr., National Institutes of Health, Receptor potential mechanisms in Limulus photoreceptors

Receptor mechanisms II—Werner K. Noell, Chairman

Kenneth T. Brown, University of California Medical Center, The late receptor potential of vertebrate cones and rods

William A. Hagins, National Institute of Health, Excitatory mechanisms of vertebrate rods

Receptor mechanisms III—Robert M. Boynton, Chairman

Paul A. Liebman, University of Pennsylvania, Microspectrophotometry

Richard A. Cone, Harvard University, The rhodopsin cycle

Richard W. Young, The Center for Health Sciences, Outer-segment renewal

Mechanisms of retinal interaction—John Lott Brown, Chairman

John E. Dowling, Johns Hopkins University, Synaptic organization of the vertebrate retina

Frank S. Werblin, University of California, Berkeley, Intracellular recording

Coding and higher centers—Jerome Y. Lettvin, Chairman

Horace B. Barlow, University of California, Berkeley, Retinal feature detectors and adaptation

Torsten N. Wiesel & David Hubel, Harvard Medical School, Functional organization of the monkey visual cortex

Organizing Committee:
Robert M. Boynton
Richard A. Cone
J. E. Dowling