Spatial and Temporal Interactions in Vision

6th Symposium: June 11-13, 1970

Electrophysiological investigations of spatial-temporal interactions I: peripheral mechanisms—Robert Doty, Chairman

Robert B. Barlow, Syracuse University, On contrast effects in the limulus lateral eye

C. Enroth-Cugell & L. Pinto, Northwestern University, Retinal ganglion cells of center surround organization; the two response mechanisms studied in isolation and how they together tell the ganglion cell what to do

Electrophysiological investigations of spatial-temporal interactions II: central mechanisms—Lorrin A. Riggs, Chairman

L. Henk van der Tweel, Laboratory of Medical Physics, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cortical evoked responses in man to spatial contrast variations

John C. Armington, Northeastern University, Visual responses to alternating patterned stimuli

William Wooten, Harvard University, Scotopic and photopic contributions to the visually evoked cortical potential (VECP)

Samuel Sokol, Brown University, Electrical and psychophysical responses of the human visual system to modulated light

Investigations of spatial parameters in vision—Jacob Nachmias, Chairman

Mathew Alpern, University of Michigan, Size of the rod and cone signals derived psychophysically from spatial-temporal interactions experiments

George Sperling, Bell Laboratories, Simple model of spatial visual interactions

Robert Sekuler, Northwestern University, Psychophysical studies of visual motion

Temporal Parameters of flicker and flash thresholds—John Z. Levinson, Chairman

Peter Hallett, University of Toronto, Canada, The time course in the threshold disturbance caused by transients in background lighting

Donald H. Kelly, Stanford Research Institute, Theory of flickering pattern thresholds

Cyril Rashbass, Institute of Psychiatry, London, England, The visual statistician

Interactions among chromatic mechanisms—Tom N. Cornsweet, Chairman

John Krauskopf, Bell Laboratories, Consequences of probability summation among chromatic mechanisms

Daniel Green, University of Michigan Hospital, Spatial interactions among color mechanisms

Organizing Committee:
Mathew Alpern
Donald H. Kelly
Robert T. Kintz