Developmental Aspects of Vision

7th Symposium: June 8-10, 1972

Retinal development and differentiation—Carl Kupfer, Chairman

Alfred J. Coulombre, National Institutes of Health, Morphogenetic roles of the developing retina

D. Kent Morest, Harvard Medical School, Assembly and morphogenesis of retinal neurons

Matthew LaVail, Harvard Medical School, Cell proliferation and cell interactions in the developing mammalian retina

John Dowling, Harvard University, Synaptic connections in the inner plexiform layer and some observations on their development

Patterns of retino-tectal connections—W. Maxwell Cowan, Chairman

Michael J. Keating, National Institute of Medical Research, London, England, Changing retino-tectal relationships during development in Xenopus and their significance to neuronal specificity

Ray Lund, University of Washington, Development of synaptic patterns and their experimental modifications in the superior colliculus of the rat

Henry J. Ralston, III, University of Wisconsin, Synaptic reorganization in the degenerating lateral geniculate nucleus of the rabbit

Aberrant central connections in the Siamese cat—Horace B. Barlow, Chairman

Jon H. Kaas, University of Wisconsin, The dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the Siamese cat

David Hubel, Harvard Medical School, The organization of visual cortex in the Siamese cat

Max Cynader & Nancy Berman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Comparison of receptive-field organization of the superior colliculus in Siamese and normal cats

Modifications of central connections—Jerome Lettvin, Chairman

J. Pettigrew & Horace Barlow, University of California, Short term and long term changes in the properties of binocular neurons in the visual cortex of young kittens

Torsten N. Wiesel, Harvard Medical School, Effects of deprivation on the development of the cat visual cortex

Leo Ganz, Stanford University, Behavioral and neurophysiological analysis of perception in the visually deprived cat

Colin Blakemore, University of Cambridge, England, Genetic and environmental influences on the development of coding properties in the visual cortex

Helmut V. B. Hirsch, Johns Hopkins University, Modification of receptive field characteristics of neurons in the cat's visual cortex: a critical analysis

Robert Shlaer, Chicago Wesley Memorial Hospital, Activity-determined connections in the visual cortex of the cat

Neuronal specificity—W. Maxwell Cowan, Chairman

John G. Nicholls, Harvard Medical School, Regeneration and changes in synaptic transmission between individual nerve cells in the central nervous system of the leech

A. A. Moscona, University of Chicago, Some aspects of the differentiation of embryonic neural cells

W. Maxwell Cowan, Washington University School of Medicine, On the significance of temporal factors in the genesis of neural connections

Organizing Committee:
W. Maxwell Cowan
Torsten Wiesel
John Lott Brown