CVS 40th Anniversary

October 10-11, 2003

CVS Venn diagram Copyright © 2003 Center for Visual Science.  All rights reserved.

Invited Speakers:

John Maunsell, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, Advances into the visual cortex

Peter Lennie, Center for Neural Science, New York University, Chasing color signals

Daphne Bavelier, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester, Imaging the plastic brain

Richard Aslin, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester, Visual development in human infants: clarity emerges from 40 years of research

Dana Ballard, Computer Science, University of Rochester, The ontogeny of computer vision

David Brainard, Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, That was then, this is now: 40 years of color vision

David Williams, Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester, There's more to vision than meets the eye

Organizing Committee:
Walter Makous
Mary Hayhoe
David Knill
William Merigan
Tatiana Pasternak
David Williams