Summer Fellowship Application Procedures

The application deadline has passed. Decisions are expected by March 16.

Please check out our FAQ page, as it answers many common questions about the program.

Please read through the instructions below before submitting your application.

There is a known issue regarding the essay on the application form. If your confirmation email does not include your essay text, it did not submit properly. If this happens to you, please email with your essay text pasted into your email. We will update our database accordingly. If the status page lists your essay as missing, you need to email your essay text using the address above. Without an essay, your application will not be considered for the fellowship.

DO NOT resubmit your application multiple times. If your essay does not appear in your confirmation email the first time it is unlikely to work on consecutive tries. EMAIL your essay text as directed above.


  • Completed web application/short essay by February 10, 2020. (Do not send PDF or paper copies).
  • 2 Letters of recommendation emailed directly to by the letter writers. At least one should be from a faculty member at your school.
  • Transcript (send as ONE PDF file)
  • CV/Resume (send PDF via email to )

We encourage applications from members of underrepresented minority groups and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

When you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation with your application summary. We strongly recommend that you save a copy of this summary with your application number for future reference. To view the status of your application, visit the application status page and look for your application number. Check the status page throughout the application process. As your letters and transcripts arrive your information will be updated under your application number. When your entry has a "Yes" under the "Complete" column, your application is complete. If you are missing materials as the deadline approaches, you should contact the appropriate parties directly to ensure that your missing items will be submitted by the deadline.

We must receive your online application by February 10, AND all other portions of your application by one week after the deadline, February 17. If anything is missing after February 17 you will not be considered for the fellowship.

Transcripts: We require electronic versions of the transcript rather than using postal mail. This can be either student-submitted transcript (email as a single (1) PDF file) or your official transcript sent by your school via email (e.g., using e-SCRIP-SAFE or a similar service). For all transcripts, make sure that your transcript link is sent to . If you send it to the University of Rochester without using our email, we will not receive it.

Notifications of acceptance or denial to the program will be sent by March 16, 2020.