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Postdocs & Research Associates

Postdoctoral fellowship positions in clinical high-risk program care and in vision research in schizophrenia

Added 12/01/2021

The Silverstein lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center is recruiting for two postdoctoral positions for the next academic year.

The first of these is a clinical post doc position and will involve helping to establish a new grant-funded clinical high risk (CHR) for psychosis program and then assessing and treating patients in this new clinic. Opportunities to also treat people recovering from a first episode of psychosis and to participate in an NIMH-funded EPINET project will be available. This is a two-year position with an option for a third year. The goal of the position is to prepare the post doc to become a medical school faculty member with specialized expertise in treating high-risk and psychotic disorder populations.

The second fellowship is a research post doc through the Center for Retina and Brain. This position will involve assisting with, and designing new studies using retinal imaging (optical coherence tomography (OCT and OCT angiography) and/or retinal electrophysiology (electroretinography; ERG) to investigate a range of potential retinal neural, vasculature, and functional biosignatures and predictors of several clinical outcomes, including: transition to psychosis; symptom relapse in early psychosis; differentiation of psychotic from mood disorders; cognitive and structural brain changes in college contact sport athletes; and changes in cognition in heart failure patients before and after surgical implant of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). Research opportunities in other aspects of visual functioning (e.g., contrast sensitivity, perceptual organization) are also available. There is also the opportunity for involvement in an ongoing NIMH-funded study of visual perceptual remediation in schizophrenia. The goals of this position are to enable the postdoc to: 1) learn skills related to vision science, and research on conditions in which the retina, by virtue of it being part of the central nervous system, may serve as a useful ‘window’ into brain structure and function; and 2) design independent studies in the areas noted above, to be able to obtain a faculty position as a researcher at the end of the fellowship. This is a two-year position with an option for a third year.

Both positions are full time and include a benefits package. Applicants from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply.

The University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Psychiatry has a longstanding commitment to the treatment of people with serious mental illness. Our current research activities related to people with psychotic disorders and other chronic psychiatric conditions can be viewed on the STAR Lab website.

The University of Rochester is also one of the premier vision science research institutions in the world, and includes the Center for Visual Science, the Flaum Eye Institute, the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience, and other labs and centers. View current Center for Retina and Brain studies.

For inquiries or to apply (which involves sending a CV, a cover letter, and up to 3 letters of recommendation), please contact

Cluster Hiring of Post-Doctoral Fellows in the Departments of Brain and Cognitive Science and Neuroscience of the University of Rochester

Updated 12/06/2021

The University of Rochester is advertising for a cluster hire of postdoctoral fellowships across a collection of laboratories in the Departments of Neuroscience and Brain and Cognitive Sciences. We anticipate offering up to 10 postdoctoral slots across labs engaged in pioneering research using state-of-the-art experimental and computational methods (e.g., 2-photon imaging and optogenetics in rodents and non-human primates, higher-density single unit recordings, and others).

The University of Rochester offers highly competitive postdoctoral stipends, with added financial and career development benefits. The postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to engage in ground-breaking research in world-leading experimental labs. The postdoctoral fellow will also have the opportunity to participate in many professional development events for neuroscience, and engage in numerous diversity enhancement efforts directed by the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience Diversity Commission.

Visit this page for more details and the link to the application.

A postdoctoral position is available in the Active Perception Laboratory at the University of Rochester

Updated 10/05/2021

The APLab is a dynamic multidisciplinary research group focused on understanding vision as an integrated sensorimotor process. Approaches include advanced technologies for gaze-contingent display that enable controlled retinal stimulation and perturbation of the visuomotor cycle, computational modeling of the early visual pathways, and human electrophysiology. The laboratory is equipped with a unique combination of facilities (several developed in-house) for high-resolution recording of head and eye movements, real-time control of the visual flow on the retina during eye movements, retinal imaging, virtual reality, and EEG measurements. For reviews of our work please see: Rucci et al, Trends in Cognitive Science 2018 (PDF), Rucci & Poletti (PDF), Annual Review of Vision Science 2015 (PDF), and Rucci & Victor, Trends in Neuroscience, 2015 (PDF). View the full list of our publications.

This position is part of an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Victor at Cornell University and centers on the impact of eye movements on visual functions. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated individual with experience in vision science and data analysis and the ability to work well in a team. A quantitative background and demonstrated interest in applying quantitative methods to neuroscience is preferable. Experience with signal processing, C++, computer graphics, and real-time control is a plus.

The Active Perception Laboratory is part of the Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester, a center with a long history of fundamental accomplishments in vision science. CVS is composed by more than 35 research laboratories creating a vibrant and highly collaborative scientific community.

To apply, please send curriculum vitae, brief statement of research interests and accomplishments, and names of two references to and .

Postdoctoral position in Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience

Updated 01/03/2022

A postdoctoral position in Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience is available in the laboratory of Dr. Adam Snyder at the University of Rochester. The NIH-funded research program uses neuronal population recordings and non-invasive electrophysiology (EEG/tDCS) to investigate the neurocomputational mechanisms of vision and attention in non-human primates. In addition to research opportunity, the fellowship will provide comprehensive and interdisciplinary training to prepare the fellow for a successful career as an independent scientist. The laboratory is situated in a collaborative and interdisciplinary neuroscience community at the University of Rochester affiliated with the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the Department of Neuroscience, and the Center for Visual Science.

Applicants should have completed a PhD in Neuroscience or a related field, and have experience or a dedicated interest in neurophysiology and research involving non-human primates. Candidates should have a strong experimental background, academic history, and publication record, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and proficiency in quantitative analysis, statistics, and programming. Please email a description of research experience and goals, a CV including publications, and the names and contact information of 3 references directly to Dr. Adam Snyder at .

The University of Rochester has a strong commitment to diversity and actively encourages applications from groups underrepresented in higher education. The University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Postdoctoral position in retinal blood flow imaging

Updated 01/04/2022

A postdoc position is available in the Jesse Schallek Lab at the University of Rochester. The research position will deploy advances in adaptive optics to study capillary blood flow and hemodynamic regulation in the living retina. By imaging single blood cells in the living eye, our research seeks to better understand the impact of diabetes on the smallest vessels of the retina. Research will be conducted in human subjects with additional opportunities to explore animal models of disease. Work will be conducted in collaboration with the Advanced Retinal Imaging Alliance of the University of Rochester. This group includes the collaborative research efforts of David Williams, Bill Merigan, Jennifer Hunter, and Jesse Schallek. The postdoctoral trainee will benefit from interacting with this highly collaborative group toward novel ophthalmic imaging design and study of retinal function.

Applicants with exemplary background in retinal imaging or study of blood flow control in living tissues are strongly encouraged to apply. Outstanding applicants will have training in one or more of the following fields: retinal imaging technology (including OCT and adaptive optics), study of diabetic retinopathy, study of microvascular disease (in other tissues).

Applicants should have a PhD, MD or equivalent training. Senior graduate students nearing completion of their degree are strongly encouraged to apply. Opening is available immediately and position will remain open until qualified individual is identified. Appointment is for 1 year and may be extended up to 3 years depending on progress and review.

Interested applicants should send CV and names/contact information of three references to . Please include a cover letter detailing your current research activities, expertise and the reasons for your interest in the position.

More information about research projects in the lab can be found at ARIA

Postdoctoral Position

The Center for Visual Science (CVS) at the University of Rochester is seeking applicants for a post-doctoral training fellowship in visual science. CVS is an interdisciplinary center that brings together faculty from cognitive science, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, optics and computer science who are interested in a wide range of topics within vision science. The Center has broad areas of strength in computational modeling, psychophysics, neurophysiology and brain imaging. Faculty apply these approaches to topics including physiological optics, visual coding (e.g. of visual motion), 3D perception, the visual control of motor behavior and complex actions, visual attention, learning and memory, and visual development. Faculty and postdocs have access to numerous state-of-the-art technical resources including adaptive optics systems for correcting optical aberrations and imaging the human retina, several virtual reality systems, facilities for physiological recording in awake, behaving animals and a new 3-Tesla magnet devoted to fMRI research in brain and cognitive sciences. Interested applicants can find more information about CVS at http://www.cvs.rochester.edu. Applicants should include a CV, a statement of research interests and three letters of recommendation. The successful candidate will work with the selection committee to select an appropriate faculty mentor. Candidates are encouraged to contact faculty with whom they are interested in working to help prepare their application.

Contact Debbie Shannon
Center for Visual Science
University of Rochester
RC Box 270270
Rochester, NY 14627