Center for Visual Science Winter Retreat

WHEN: Feb 14 at 9:20 AM – Feb 15 at 1 PM

WHERE: Beaver Hollow Conference Center
1083 Pit Rd, Java Center, NY 14082

An optional overnight stay on Friday provides ample opportunity to take advantage of Beaver Hollow's amenities including a nighttime bonfire, a private pond, fitness amenities, indoor heated pool, and miles of hiking/snowshoeing/cross-country skiing trails.


Friday, 2/14/2020

7:00—8:45: Travel to Beaver Hollow Conference Center

8:45—9:15: Poster setup

9:20—9:30: Opening remarks by CVS Director, David Williams, PhD

9:30—11:00: Invited talks (15min, 5min questions):

Martina Poletti, PhD, Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Modulations of foveal vision associated with motor preparation

Shanna Coop, Brain & Cognitive Sciences (Mitchell lab)
Neural mechanisms of pre-saccadic attention in the marmoset monkey

Mark Buckley, PhD, Biomechanical Engineering
Evaluation of surgical trauma to corneal endothelial cells

Juliette McGregor, PhD, Merigan Lab
Restoring foveal vision

11:00—12:00: Coffee break and 1st Poster Session

12:00—1:30: Invited talks (15min, 5min questions):

Krystel Huxlin, PhD, Flaum Eye Institute
Time is vision: a critical period for plasticity after V1 damage in humans

Rebecca Lowery, PhD, Neuroscience (Majewska lab)
Effects of Gestational 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin Exposure on Microglia in Visual Cortex

Jesse Schallek, PhD, Flaum Eye Institute
New views in the retina: imaging single blood cells reveals retinal physiology in health and disease

Cherlyn Ng, PhD, Flaum Eye Institute (Yoon lab)
Neural adaptation as revealed by advanced optical correction

1:30—4:30: Lunch and afternoon activities (hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, swimming etc.)

4:30—5:15: Invited talks (15min, 5min questions):

Ed Lalor, PhD, Biomechanical Engineering/Neuroscience
Natural audiovisual speech encoding in the early stages of the human cortical hierarchy

Melissa Polonenko, PhD, Biomechanical Engineering/Neuroscience (Maddox lab)
Auditory spatial discrimination in chronic hemianopes

5:15—6:15: Happy hour and 2nd Poster Session

7:00—9:00: Dinner with CVS-Themed Trivia

9:00: Optional bonfire/games/free time

Saturday, 2/15/2020

7:45—8:45: Breakfast

8:45–10:15: Overview of Existing CVS Resources, Services, and Events

  • Director Search Update
  • Core Grant Support
  • Grant Preparation
  • Pilot Funding
  • Technology Transfer
  • Colloquia
  • Undergraduate Opportunities
  • Symposia and Conferences
  • Training Grant Support
  • Selection of New Trainees for Training Grant
  • Poster Awards

10:15–10:30: Break

10:30–11:15: Planning our Future: Break-out groups (45 minutes)

11:15–12:00: Plenary report out of recommendations from breakout groups (45 minutes)

12:00–1:00: Lunch

1:00: Release from meeting